The Sick- Day Rules:

Following sick day rules is the cornerstone in managing diabetes when feeling unwell and the same applies if you think you may have coronavirus
infection. Stay calm and contact your Diabetes team at your GP surgery or hospital if you have any questions. They can provide you with specific advice depending on your type of diabetes and the treatment you are on. Some general rules are as follows:
• Stay hydrated with non-sweetened drinks and take regular small meals.
• If you are not able to eat much, try to have snacks or drinks with carbohydrates.
• If you self-monitor your glucose, keeping a check on glucose levels is ever important and during sickness this should be done every 4 hours (even during the night).
• If you have Type 1 diabetes please check your ketones regularly to pick up early signs of ketosis.
• An important reminder is that if you are taking any of the newer tablets called SGLT2 inhibitors (such as empagliflozin, dapagliflozin, canagliflozin) then these need to be stopped immediately and further advice sought from your healthcare team.
• If you visit the hospital, make sure you let them know that you have diabetes and provide them with your diabetes medication list. Take your diabetes essentials with you such as medications, insulin, glucose meter, sensor reader, pump etc.
• You can always ask for urgent medical help by dialing 999.
There is extensive advice available on sick day rules at
Diabetes UK website.