When you have diabetes, you’re entitled to certain checks and services every year to help you get the care you need. You might know this as your annual review. There are 15 different checks and services you’re entitled to – this is your package of 15 Healthcare Essentials. These essential checks helps you reduce your risk of serious diabetes complications, like losing your sight or having dangerous problems with your feet

Here’s the 15 different checks and services your’e entitled to:

  1. Blood glucose test (HbA1c test)
  2. Blood pressure check
  3. Cholesterol check (for blood fats)
  4. Eye screening
  5. Foot and leg check
  6. Kidney tests
  7. Advice on diet
  8. Emotional and psychological support
  9. Diabetes education course
  10. Care from diabetes specialists
  11. Free flu jab
  12. Good care if you’re in hospital
  13. Support with any sexual problems
  14. Help to stop smoking
  15. Specialist care if you’re planning to have a baby.

When you see your diabetes healthcare team, you can tick off what you’ve got coming up and chase up if anything’s missing. They will work with you to agree your personal targets to manage your diabetes between appointments. Please note: During the Coronavirus pandemic, there may be some changes to how services are delivered. Please contact your GP or healthcare team at the hospital for more information.